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Make em green with envy by adding a peel to any facial for $45. Look younger and feel more beautiful for ....YOU.

Skin Care

At Harmony Spa, we’ve built our business upon creating the perfect, most sought-after facials in the industry. More than just facials, each of our offerings are transformative treatments, that cumulatively over time, are guaranteed to provide lasting, time-reversing results.

Each of our signature facials includes:

Total Cleanse ∙ Exfoliation ∙ Optional Extractions ∙ Harmony Spa’s trademark sculpting massage to lift + plump ∙ Treatment masks ∙ Personalized cocktail of serums, lotions + potions and SPF of course:)

  • Complimentary Skin Care Regimen Consultation

Let our aestheticians nurture your skin to make you feel wonderful and look terrific. Treatments, whether classic or advanced, are tailored to suit your skin type. You may experience the service alone or with someone in our side-by-side treatment room. Enjoy a rejuvenating signature treatment only by Eminence, which features pure, first-rate products selected to address your skin’s needs. Ask about our spa memberships, Basic and Plus available.


Want Eminence Organics delivered to your home: Click on the link below or copy paste.

We are proud to offer Éminence Organic Skin Care to our clients. Éminence is the original leader in organic skin care and delivers the highest quality products. Founded in 1958, Éminence is an active member of the Organic Trade Association which exists to promote and protect organic trade.

Our ingredients are sourced from European certified organic farms and therefore must adhere to the world’s strictest standards for purity and quality control. Éminence products are made from fresh fruit pulps, plants & exotic spices and are proudly free of Parabens, Mineral Oils, Petroleum and Sodium Lauryl Sulphate. There is no animal testing and all packaging is environmentally friendly.

Our selection of professional products use the finest natural, organic and Biodynamic® ingredients to maintain beautiful, healthy-looking skin. Experience the long-lasting benefits of our exclusive professional treatments, available only from Harmony Spa!

DERMAPLANING: $45 add on with any facial.

Brow Tinting: $40

with Shaping $50

Elke Von Freudenberg

Brow Lamination and Lash Lift has arrived! 

Your Lashes and Brows Should Be As Fashionable As You Are.

Brow Lamination: $85 (includes shaping)

Lash Lift : $70

Add Tinting for $40 (both eye and lash $75)

Offer Perfectly Shaped Brows for Up to 6 Weeks! Brow Lamination gives you the appearance of full, perfectly shaped eyebrows. This is an optimal solution for unruly eyebrows lacking symmetry. With lamination, brows can be realigned in such a way to give them the desired shape you want with a fuller appearance.? This treatment maintains the appearance of more volume and fullness, while giving a sleek, defined brow shape for approximately 6 weeks.

Lash Lift: Provides you with the freedom from daily use of lash curlers and mascara! This semi-permanent service creates perfectly lifted and tinted lashes that lasts for up to 6 weeks!

This could be you...

Share 2gether time..

Book her a spa day!

Rezenerate NanoFacial is here! Go ahead and add the eye and lip treatment, It's fabulous!

Self Care is the Best Care. Go ahead and be a little selfish. It's all about, "you".

Rezenerate NanoFacial is here!


(Cleanse, Exfoliation,Rezenerate, Calming Mask, Aftercare)

Rezenerate NanoFacial $159

Add on Eyes: $50

Add on Lips: $25

TOTAL for Face, Eyes and Lips: $234

Add Diamond Micro-Dermabrasion $45

Add Crystal Micro-Dermabrasion $75

Add an AHA Peel: $45

Hydra Facial $50

Micro Current $50

Add CO2 Oxygen $45

LED Light Therapy $55

Dermaplanning $45

Rezenerate NanoFacial Add Eyes & Lips "Add On" $50-$75

(Eyes: $50, Lip: $25)

Rezenerate NanoFacial is a series of proprietary processes which utilize cutting edge NANOTECHNOLOGY which is used with one of the highest concentration Hyaluronic Acids that can be found on the market today! , the principles of ACUPRESSSURE, and applications of COLD THERAPY to create what has come to be known in the esthetic industry as the BEST. FACIAL. EVER.

Optional Enhancements for Your Face 

  • Upgrade Any Facial with Micro-dermabrasion
  • (Diamond): $45 Crystal: $75
  • Dermaplaning $45
  • AHA: $45
  • LED Light Therapy /PDT LED Light $55
  • Ultrasound: $55
  • High Frequency: $35
  • Radio Frequency: $75
  • Oxygen (CO2) $45
  • Rezenerate can be added to Returning rate Custom facial or for member's for $60 (if custom intro rate the rezenerate is: $159)
  • Brow Tinting : $40 with shaping $50
  • CO2 Oxygen Treatment (CO2 machine)$40
  • Upgrade any eye or brow tinting $45
  • Collagen Crystal Lip Masks: Remove dead skin & anti chapped, Make your lip Attractive and Sexy. Kissable. $35
  • 24K GOLD INTENSIVE COLLAGEN FACE MASK $45 ( Firms, tones and hydrates)
  • 24K GOLD NECK MASK $45(Firms, tones and hydrates, Contains pure 24K gold nano-particles)
  • Facial Cupping: $35
  • Three Step Lip/Eye Treatment: $45
  • Eye Treatment: $35 Add an AHA to the under eye area. Treats fine lines and wrinkles.
  • Lip Treatment: $25
  • Foot Scrub: (Relaxing exfoliation, hot towel, and massage)$15
  • Hand Scrub: (Relaxing exfoliation, hot towel, and massage)$10
  • Foot and Hand Scrub: $20
  • Scalp Massage (With peppermint or lime oil or Eminence Dry Oil): $25
Scalp Massage no oil $10
Collagen Shot $10...enjoy after or before your facial.
The Eye Rejuvenator $25
Neck tightening $40
Back Scrub: Sea Salt exfoliation with a warm towel $15

Crystal Micro-dermabrasion with custom Facial 60min/$169.95

The process of crystal microdermabrasion consists of blasting the outer layer of skin with crystals and then sucking the dead skin away. The result is skin that is usually smoother, more even, and younger looking.

Diamond Micro-dermabrasion with custom Facial 60 min/$129.95

Diamond microdermabrasion is a modern and effective exfoliating method, which uses a diamond-tipped wand to gently remove dead skin cells.

DermaDisc Exfoliator with Custom Facial 60 min/ $129.95

DermaDisc is very effective for treating sun damaged skin, scars, acne scarring, pigmentation, stretch marks and fine lines. Same great results as microdermabrasion….less irritation! Use on dry skin just like microdermabrasion.

Microdermabrasion Add-Ons

(The hands are the first signs of aging)

Add-On Microdermabrasion Hand Treatment: $20/($35 Cyrstal)

Add-On Microdermabrasion Neck: $10/($25 Crystal)

Add-On Microdermabrasion Décolleté: $25/($45 Cyrstal)

Hands: Add glycolic to any microdermabrasion treatment: $40/($75 Cyrstal)

Add-On Neck and Décolleté Treatment: $40/($80 Crystal)


(NEW CLIENTS ONLY)$69.95/60 Min

(Value: $94.95)

Returning client price $94.95 or Join as a monthly member starting at $69.95!

Plus Monthly Membership

$110.00 (value $120-$179)

$39 one time join fee


Premium Massages including: Deep Tissue, Aromatherapy, Himalayan Salt and Hot Stone. Premium Facials including: Bio-Lift, Hydra 45 min. Facials & our most requested Fix it All Facial.


$245/90 Min.


A comprehensive answer to every skin woe, packaged into one amazing facial! The Fix-It-All Facial is like a magic tool box for your face; not only does it utilize the most effective technology and techniques available ( microdermabrasion, topical peel, electric microcurrent, LED light therapy & CO2 oxygen), but it’s specially customized to your skin’s specific needs. Beautiful skin is a matter of choice! Make them green with envy with the FIX-IT-ALL FACIAL only at Harmony Spa.

Éminence Blueberry Detox Facial: “Our Signature Facial”


This naturally exfoliating peel cleanses the pores deeply and tones the look of skin. The combination of blueberry juice, raspberry juice, blackberry juice and pineapple extract is high in vitamins and antioxidants that will nourish and refresh your skin. Plus, lactic acid will remove dead skin cells and improve the appearance of your skin’s texture. This is our Signature facial. Add Diamond micro-dermabrasion for $45 or Crystal micro-dermabrasion for $75


  • Pores size appear reduced
  • Skin appears refined, purified, clear and radiant
  • Skin is immediately stimulated resulting in the appearance of a rosy glow and a more youthful look


  • AHA Facial:
  • Glycolic 30 Min./$100 ( Derived from fruit sugar acids, this alpha hydroxy peel will exfoliate and rejuvenate the skin as well as address the issues of hyperpigmentation, acne scarring, and wrinkles. Spots become lighter and wrinkles become smoother.
  • Lactic, 30 Min./$100 ( This gentle peel is derived from milk and contains licorice extract, an effective skin lightening additive that is milder than glycolic acid. The inherent properties of this peel make it ideal for clients with uneven skin tones and general hyperpigmentation.)
  • Salicylic Acid - 30 min./$100 ( This beta hydroxy is oil soluble making these acids perfect for oily/acne prone skin that needs a deeper pore cleansing. In addition, it promotes exfoliation of skin surface cells. )
  • Jessner Peel: 30 Min. $150 ( designed to remove superficial layers of skin, dry out active acne, dislodge blackheads, reduce shallow wrinkling and scarring, help lighten hyper pigmentation and improve the overall appearance and health of sun-damaged, acne prone, aging skin.)
  • TCA Peel : 30 Min. $150( cosmetic treatment that use trichloroacetic acid (TCA) to improve your skin's appearance. ... A TCA peel works by removing dead skin cells and stimulating new skin cell growth. People use TCA peels to try to get younger looking skin, and to treat certain skin conditions, like melasma and acne scarring.)
  • Cabernet Peel: 60 min./$175
  • This is a specially formulated chemical-free solution to peel. 


The Acne Advanced 3-Step Treatment System utilizes natural and botanical actives to deliver a proven organic solution for those looking to treat and prevent acne.

The system features full-sized versions of the Cleansing Foam, Clarifying Masque and Clarifying Hydrator. When purchased as a bundle, this three-step system offers a 20% savings over purchasing the products individually. For best results, use these three steps together consistently to treat and prevent acne.

“For the first time in eleven years, I have blemish-free skin.” – Christina B.

“Day after day, I continue to see improvements and feel so much more confident when I look in the mirror. My breakouts are gone and my scars look lighter!” - Vanessa T.

Berodin Wax...

The Only Wax Used by Premier Spa's

Female & Male Waxing

Pricing available upon request or see under "Body Services"

Harmony Spa uses Eminence Organic Skin Care Products.

Hungarian skin care is legendary, evolving from serving the European royalty of centuries past to the top spas and retreats of today.

Bio-Lift Micro Current Facial/$179

The "Face Lift of all Facials!"

A specialized facial treatment with amazing results. It uses non-invasive electric micro currents that deliver immediate results – including lifting, sculpting and firming. This is just one of the many specialized services offered at the spa. "Kathy says, electric micro currents — the same kind used to help physical — therapy patients heal faster —soften wrinkles, improve facial contours, and encourage muscles “to function their best.”

Get a treatment that targets special concerns using advanced technology and products. Our aestheticians will help select the perfect enhancement for your facial service.



3 types of Hydrafacials! 

The Platinum Glow Hydra Facial $455

The Collagen Build & Brighten Hydra Facial $300

The Harmony Express Hydra Facial $179

1 type of Hydra-Backcial!

 Hydra Facial for the back $175

OxyGeneo 3 n 1 CO2 Nano-Bubbles

$150/45 min. Recommended series of 6 once weekly. 6/$650/ (Value: $900)

What makes OxyGeneo/3 in1 CO2 Nano-Bubbles the new super-facial? Get the exfoliation benefits of microdermabrasion plus deep facial rejuvenation with the infusion of essential revitalizing nutrients and healing skin oxygenation from within. OxyGeneo treatments are suitable for all skin types – any ethnicity and pigmentation, sensitive skin, and even for those who keloid (scar) and couldn’t otherwise have abrasive treatments. (Face, Neck Decollete and Hands)


60 Min. Custom Eminence Facial with Dermaplaning $139.95

30 Min. Dermaplaning: $80

The Ultimate DermaplanePro Ageless Facial 

(60 Min) $175

Cleanse with steam, Prep skin with AHA/BHA, skin analysis, nourishe with dermplaning oil, dermplane, nupeel enzyme, extractions, Tone, Mask and Finishing serums, eye cream and SPF of course!

Dermaplanning Tips.

Keep your post-dermaplane glow going with proper care.

Following our treatment, keep to a simple skincare routine for two weeks. Avoiding hot rinsing is highly advised:

Use Gentle Cleanser (We recommend Eminence Chamomile cleanser.

Hyaluronic Acid

Hydrating Moisturizer


Avoid excessive heat 3 days post treatment, i.e. heavy workouts, steam rooms or saunas, ect.

Avoid Sun exposure! The sun is not your friend.

  • Harmony Spa Custom Facial: Customized for your skin type: 60 min./$94.95,
  • 90 min./$125
  • Each of our signature facials includes:
  • Total Cleanse ∙ Exfoliation ∙ Optional Extractions ∙ Harmony Spa’s trademark sculpting massage to lift + plump ∙ Treatment masks ∙ Personalized cocktail of lotions and SPF of course:)
    • Complimentary Skin Care Regimen Consultation
  • NEW INTRODUCTORY OFFER FOR FACIAL (NEW CLIENTS ONLY)$69.95/60 Min (first time clients only)(Value: $95)
  • Returning client price $94.95 or Join as a monthly member starting at $69.95! Membership price remains the same.
  • Plus Monthly Membership
  • $110.00 (value $120-$179)
  • $39 one time join fee
  • Includes:
  • Premium Massages including: Deep Tissue, Aromatherapy, Himalayan Salt and Hot Stone. Premium Facials including: Bio-Lift, Hydra 60 min. Facials & our most requested Fix it All Facial.
  • Complimentary Skin Care Regimen Consultation
  • Mini Facial: 30 min. /$65.95 A great 30 minute Custom Facial for the person on the go.
  • 60 Min. Custom Facial: $94.95
  • 90 Min. Custom Facial: $141.95
  • CO2 Oxygen Facial: $150/60 min.
  • CO2 Oxygen Facial The benefits of oxygen facials are said to range from thorough pore cleansing to lightened hyperpigmentation. Oxygen is suggested to strengthen skin's elasticity and help eliminate acne-causing bacteria, as well as reduce fine lines and wrinkles, even out skin tone, and diminish pores.
  • Custom Facial with DermaPlaning 60 min/$139.95
  • Remove Vellus hair on the face aka " peach fuzz " (8 step facial)
  • Dermaplaning: 30 min/$80
  • Remove Vellus hair on the face aka " peach fuzz " Dermaplaning is a safe and highly effective physical exfoliation procedure. It requires the use of a sterile, surgical scalpel to gently “shave” the skin’s surface, removing the top-most layer of dead skin along with fine, vellus hair (aka peach fuzz). The procedure is recommended every 4 weeks, is suitable for most skin types and has no downtime post-treatment.
  • The Ultimate DermaplanePro Ageless Facial

    (60 Min) $175

    Cleanse with steam, Prep skin with AHA/BHA, skin analysis, nourishe with dermplaning oil, dermplane, nupeel enzyme, extractions, Tone, Mask and Finishing seums eye cream and SPF of course:)!

  • Acne Advanced 3-Step Treatment System $150/60 Min.
  • The Acne Advanced 3-Step Treatment System utilizes natural and botanical actives to deliver a proven organic solution for those looking to treat and prevent acne.
  • (This includes a mini facial preformed by an aesthetician.) Cleanse, steam, , Facial massage, enzyme, masque, serum, eye serum and spf. (no extractions)This treatment lifts, tones and firms facial muscles through a series of specialized facial massage strokes, leaving a glowing look for days. Regular treatments over time help muscles remain firm and tight leaving a more youthful complexion as under eye bags and fines lines are softened. 50 minutes massage only 80 minutes massage and mini custom facial.
  • 50 min./$95 ( this is massage of the facial muscles only. no facial.) Make up wipes provided. Warm towel on face, apricot, coconut or grapeseed oil used for facial massage. Warm towel to remove oil, followed by a cold towel to close the pores. This facelift massage can be performed by a massage therapist.
  • Éminence “Citrus and Kale Potent C+E” Facial: 60 min./$105 (The power of super-charged eight greens counters the effects of hormonal imbalances by normalizing oil gland production, increasing hydration and elasticity, and preventing breakouts. Fight free radicals and promote skin regeneration with this incredibly restorative facial).
  • Éminence: Yam and Pumpkin 20% Enzyme Peel: $135
  • (This treatment can be performed weekly for four weeks. Thereafter, the client can perform the 5% yam and pumpkin enzyme at home bi-weekly. The cycle of 20% peels can be restarted after a three-week resting period).
  • Éminence Blueberry Detox Facial: “Our Signature Facial” 60min/$105
  • (We will infuse your skin with antioxidants and phytonutrients of blackberries and raspberries, while deeply exfoliating the dry blemished top layer of skin with naturally occurring plant enzymes to unclog pores and clarify the skin). This is our #1 requested facial. Add micro-dermabrasion for $45 or crystal micro for $75
  • Artic Berry Peel and Peptide Illuminating Facial: 60min./$155
  • (Transformation begins with an active exfoliation from the Enzyme Exfoliant, followed by the Pro Advanced Peel Activator mA20 (multi-acid 20%), a naturally-derived activating peel. Each works in harmony with the exclusive peptide radiance cream to reveal the skin’s true luminosity).
  • Eight Greens Facial: 60min./$135
  • (The power of super-charged eight greens counters the effects of hormonal imbalances by normalizing oil gland production, increasing hydration and elasticity, and preventing breakouts. Fight free radicals and promote skin regeneration with this incredibly restorative facial).
  • Teen Facial: 50 min./$75
  • (A customized facial with enzyme.) Add AHA for $45.
    • The Manly Man: 60 min./$90
    •  (Value: $114.95)
    • (This is a real man’s facial using natural organic products specially selected for a man’s individual skin care needs. Using steamed towels receive a face, neck, and hand massage with non-perfumed, non-greasy, natural products. This facial is wonderfully relaxing and fantastic for keeping a man’s skin in optimal condition - includes foot exfoliation).
    • Backcial: Facial for the back 50 min $105
    • This deep cleansing treatment helps to revitalize irritated or acne prone skin on the client’s back. It includes extraction, specialized masque, massage, and a moisturizing treatment. Back Acne? Add an AHA peel for $55. Scars? Add Diamond Microdermabrasion $55 add Crystal $85

“High Maintenance Renew Facial” has arrived!
75 Min./$250 (Introductory price)
(Value: $475)
Soon to be our #1 requested facial!

“High Maintenance Renew Facial” has arrived!

75 Min./$250 (Introductory price)

(Value: $475)

“Ultimate High Maintenance Renew Facial” 

Introducing LED OXYLightfusion Facial

the best non-invasive anti-aging technology that combines the most requested applications in one amazing Facial!

This includes:

Innovative technology that combines the following treatments for impeccable results and zero downtime: Microcurrents, Oxygen Therapy, Ultrasound, Radio Frequency (skin tightening and collagen production) and an LED panel with Ionized Oxygen technology. (Includes LED for hands )- also known as vitamin infusion therapy. Used to dramatically reduce lines, wrinkles, hyperpigmentation, and post-acne scars. oxy-Ionixlight also tightens, hydrates, brightens, and firms skin; we’ve never seen more targeted treatments or such a dramatic difference with one facial! Love the skin your in with our soon to be #1 selling facial !

Skin is the new makeup.

75 Min/ $250

Complete with Eye Rejuvenator! (Bye bye dark circles and fine lines!)

Includes a Rejuvenated Collagen shot!

Home care :

Following the photo-facial, the client receives a sachet of Lightfusion Sleep Recovery Cream to use later the same evening to enable the effects of the light to carry on working hours after the treatment is completed. (The cream should be applied as a mask for 10-15 minutes or left overnight before rinsing off).

This amazing facial is complete with the following :

Relax with body and your mind while getting the most amazing facial . Our very own healing/heated Jade and TOURMALINE

Sauna Matt.

• Tourmaline

• Produces the greatest amount of negative ions

• Revitalizes your energy levels and detoxifies your body

• Fragile in structure, potent in benefits

• Jade

• Helps the body function more efficiently by returning your energy and mood levels closer to normal

• Jade emits a low heat that produces a calming sensation good for relaxation and meditation

• We utilize all natural jade .

Who said “High Maintenance “ was easy ? We make your face our business at Harmony Spa.

About Face - Advanced Aesthetic Treatment

  • Cyrstal Micro-Dermabrasion : 30Min. Recommended series of 6/ $600
  • Add an AHA peel to any Micodrmabrasion: $45
  • Ultimate Oxygen Facial:
  • 60min./$100
  • (co2 NOT USED) (This is revolutionary, glorious oxygen therapy—absolutely wonderful for the client who needs instant radiance for a special event. It is created to suppress oxidative injury to skin cells from aging, environmental toxins, bacterial and viral intrusion, solar radiation, and diet. Oxygenating skin cells repair, regenerate, and refine).
  • Harmony Spa Facial:
  • 65 min./$149
  • Includes Illuminate Full Face LED Panel .(Scientifically researched to deliver a balance of vitamins that promote and support healthy, beautiful skin, this age-defying facial focuses on diminishing the look of fine lines, lax skin, pigmentation, and sun damage. Concentrated antioxidants and peptides nourish and work in synergy to defend against the visible signs of aging, leaving your skin feeling revitalized, refreshed, and beautiful.

Hydra Facial​

This celebrity favorite treatment has been designed to nourish and moisturize the skin, leaving it soft, supple and hydrated.

The refining treatment thoroughly cleanses, removes dead skin cells via Hydra-dermabrasion and a gentle peel, and extracts impurities while infusing intensive antioxidants and hydration for glowing skin with no discomfort or downtime.

3 types of Hydrafacials! 1 type of Hydra-Backcial!

The Platinum Glow HydaFacial

90 Minutes/$455

Includes, Hydra exfoliation, rezenerate nano, peel, face yoga,  LED light therapy, Hydra-Diamond Dermabrasion, Hydra Jet Peel and Eye Rejuvenator.

Renew,  Rejuvenate with this Anti-Aging Facial.

Glowing skin starts with healthy hydrated skin! The combination of the Hydro facial, Hydra-Diamond Dermabrasion and Rezenerate Nano technologies with Hydra Jet Peel are the best renewing, resurfacing, rejuvenating treatments on the market for the ultimate glow.  Hydra resurfacing treatment for the skin. Which is a multi-phase, medical treatment that is much more than your typical facial. Rezenerate Nano infusion With this amazing technology it painlessly creates microscopic perforations on the surface of the skin and infuses serums based on your specific needs. A mixture of hyaluronic acid, antioxidants, and peptides is used to hydrate, nourish, and protect the skin.  Leading to an immediate and long lasting results and glow, with renewed, hydrated healthy skin! We customize our products used with these technologies based on what’s best for you skin. This facial is amazing for skin resurfacing and infusions! Great for all skin types! Achieves these amazing results painlessly and it is non irritating. Restore the glow of youthful skin with this facial! Complete with LED light therapy & Eye rejuvenator with hibiscus eye cream. Take home product included.

Collagen Build & Brighten Hydra facial  

60min $300

This facial has a variety of benefits including: 

RF skin tightening and toning.  Treats loose skin, acne, acne scars, hyperpigmentation, sun damage, wrinkles and more! Radiofrequency (RF) energy works to produce collagen production, stimulates dermal remodeling to produce new collagen to remove scars, even tough acne scarring! It also plumps, lifts and brightens the skin! LED Light Therapy which stimulates the production of collagen, elastin, and revitalizes skin cells! This facial also uses brightening and firming products with tons of antioxidants and vitamins like C & E!

Infused with Oxygen treatment. 

Face Yoga included!

* Harmony Express HydraFacial

45 minutes - $179

Cleanse, Aquafoliation with Glycolic/Lactic Acid Solution, Moisturize N' Plump with Aqua hydrating solution and moisture with Citrus & Kale Potent C+E serum with LED, Hibiscus neck and declotte' cream, Hibiscus Ultra Lift Eye Cream. (SPF of course!)

Hydra Facial for the Back!

60 minutes - $175: 

 This deep cleansing treatment helps to revitalize irritated or acne prone skin on the client’s back. It includes extraction, blue light therapy, AHA peel, specialized masque, massage, and a moisturizing serum and SPF of course.