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Removing all the stress in your body

Devise your own wellness journey when you visit Harmony Spa in Newark, Delaware. We offer multi-sensory experiences that allow you to discover the soothing, rejuvenating power of alternating hot-and-cold treatments through one of our classic Spa services. Check out our "Optional Enhancements " for your Massage or Facial.

Couples and Stand-Alone Spa Treatments

Share the experience with your special someone. We offer side-by-side massages, facials, and body treatments. These sessions are great for couples, friends, or family members looking to experience it in two side-by-side tables. You may request for a male or a female therapist.

Massage and Bodywork

When the body loosens up, it heals; when the body is comfortable, the mind and spirit follow. Experience the power of our informed, caring touch. These services stimulate circulation, relieve muscle tension, and promote deep relaxation. Our signature body treatments include traditional and modern massages, as well as restorative touch therapies.


 Monday - Wednesday Only

Introduct​ory 60 min. Swedish massage: $79.95 - FIRST TIME CLIENTS ONLY

(intro clients, add 30 min for $35)

   Thursday - Sunday and Returning Clients

    ​60 min. Swedish massage: $95.00

(add 30 min. for $45)

60 min. Couples Massage: $199

                                                                 60 min. Couples Relaxation Massage $225

                        Monthly Massage Membership starting at $69.95 - $140

“Fix It All Massage”                $189 - 60 min. (add 30 min. for $94.50)

   • A Harmony Spa favorite. Our most requested massage! CBD Swedish Massage with scalp massage, hot stones sampler, back scrub, finished with facial massage with hydrating apricot oil, hot towel and finished with cryo sticks. (assisted stretching optional)

Harmony Spa Swedish Massage            $95 - 60 min.       $140 - 90 min.

    •  Involves soft, long, kneading strokes, as well as light, rhythmic, tapping strokes, on topmost layers of muscles. This is also combined with movement of the joints. By relieving muscle tension, Swedish therapy can be both relaxing and energizing. And it may even help after an injury.

Chill Massage with Soothing Touch CBD Peppermint Rosemary or Lavender Rosemary 

$135 - 60 Min. or $175 - 90 Min.

This relaxing treatment targets inflammation and pain while leveraging the intense calming effects of powerful cannabinoids. A blend of 400mg water-soluble cannabinoids, active botanical ingredients, luxurious nutrient rich oils & therapeutic plant extracts works to elevate the mind, relax the nervous system, and help to provide immediate relief from aches, pains, sore muscles, arthritis, sprains, strains & inflammation

Bring the benefits of CBD oil into the treatment room with the Soothing Touch® CBD Clinical Cannabidiol™ Peppermint Rosemary Body & Massage Oil. This blend is designed to moisturize and rejuvenate the skin while winding the body down from a day of activities and stress. Blended with 8 soothing essential oils, it’s perfect for targeting tired bodies and minds. Made from 6 vitamin-rich, deeply moisturizing oils, this formulation targets the appearance of dry skin, fine lines, and wrinkles. Its not just for the body! Add directly on the hair to enjoy the therapeutic benefits of aromatherapy. Free of THC.

Harmony Spa Signature Four-Hand Massage      $200 - 60 min.

   • Our signature full-body massage stimulates blood circulation and soothes tight muscles. We have two gifted therapists who can adapt their eclectic techniques to your particular needs and preferences. Tension dissolves, leaving only comfort and well-being behind.

Harmony Hot Stone Massage           $145 - 60 min.         $217 - 90 min.

   • Therapists use smooth, gently heated, smooth, rounded basalt stones as extensions of his or her hands. The weight and radiant heat coupled with a calming essential oil penetrates muscle tissues, inducing deep relaxation without overheating.

Deep Tissue Massage                       $145 - 60 min.          $217 - 90 min.

   • If you regularly get a massage and if you enjoy intense bodywork, this is for you. Deep, direct pressure and slow strokes melt away aches and pains in a restorative treatment that eases muscle tension and revitalizes the body. It involves specialized techniques that reach deep muscle layers while addressing points of attachment, including the belly of the muscles. Coordinated with deep breathing, these techniques tend to be slow.

Head, Neck, and Shoulders                $95 - 60 min.

   • How about giving your stiff neck and tight shoulders a break? This specialized massage releases any tension while restoring comfort to these usually tense areas.

Hand, Feet, Scalp                               $100 - 60 min.

   • A combination of reflexology and hot stone sampler on your tired feet, relaxing hand massage and finish with warm oil scalp massage.

Lymphatic Massage:                  $55 - 30 min.    $100 - 60 min.     $175 - 100 min.

   • Lymphatic massage is designed to promote healthy flow of lymph. It involves a clear fluid that supports the immune system’s function by flowing through the body the body, effectively isolating foreign materials. It may generally be gentle but it has some serious contraindications because this massage work around the lymphatic systems can worsen some medical conditions. Before booking an appointment, it is best to consult your doctor first.

Aromatherapy Massage                    $125- 60 min. (add 30 min. for $60)


Prenatal Massage/Mom to Be            $145 - 60 min.

   • Relax your muscles with a refreshing blend of oils especially formulated for pregnant women. We adapt to provide complete comfort and safe for mothers-to-be and their babies. Spoil yourself or an expectant mother with a soothing massage designed to improve skin elasticity, reduce fatigue and relax areas prone to tension during pregnancy. It involves deep body work for improved circulation (must be past first trimester and have Doctors note)

Himalayan Salt Stone                         $150 - 60 min. (add 30 min. for $75)

   • The Himalayan Salt Stone massage is an innovative healing technique and restorative massage that provides deep relaxation and helps to balance body, mind and spirit.

                       • Helps lower blood pressure.       • Improves circulation.     • Promotes healthy blood sugar.

               • Supports a healthy respiratory system and sinuses.     • Relieves anxiety and addresses insomnia.

Harmony Spa Facelift Massage          $95 - 50 min. (only massage)

                                                                $179 - 75 min. (massage and mini custom facial)

   • This treatment lifts, tones, and firms’ facial muscles through a series of specialized facial massage strokes, leaving a glowing look for days. Regular treatments over time help muscles remain firm and tight leaving a more youthful complexion as under eye bags and fines lines are softened. A CULT FAVORITE!

Couples Massage:           $199 - 60 min. (add 30 min. for $99.50)

   • Escape and enjoy a personalized massage with a friend or romantic partner on side-by-side massage table in our Couples Room. Two therapists work in unison to provide an unforgettable shared experience.

Couples Relaxation Massage:       $225- 60 min.  or 90 min-$337.50/ 

Optional Complimentary CBD oil (value: $35) 

0   • Includes optional CBD oil w 60 min Swedish , scalp and foot massage.   Escape and enjoy a personalized massage with a friend or romantic partner on side-by-side massage table in our Couples Room. Two therapists work in unison to provide an unforgettable shared experience. (Champagne or Wine included!) 

You may add deep tissue for $50 per client per 60 minutes and $75 per client for 90 min.

Hair, Scalp & Face Revitalizer         $95 - 50 min. 

    • Warm oils are massaged into your scalp and pressure points are gently activated on your face and neck to awaken and relax your senses The Luxury Blend of the Hair and Scalp Treatment Oil is a rich conditioning aromatherapy blend designed to be used in a soothing restorative head and scalp massage. 


                                             Combination Packages

Express Zen Combo       $169       45 min. Swedish massage/45 min. custom facial 

Elite                                     $180       60 min. Swedish massage/45 min. custom facial 

The Royal Treatment    $299       60 min. Swedish massage, 55 min. body exfoliation  & 60 min custom facial

The Socialite Princess   $425       60 min. 4 Handed Swedish massage (2 therapists), body exfoliation with scalp massage,                                                                                               & 60 min custom facial.   

Optimal Enhancements for Your Massage

o French Lavender Oil: $30 

     o Bye bye stress. Ultimate relaxation with the french lavender oil to any massage.

o Hot Stone Therapy Sampler: $20

     o Melt away tension and stress with warm basalt lava stones

o Himalayan Salt Stones: $30

o CBD OIL: $35

     o CBD OIL BENEFITS: Pain Reliever, reduces anxiety & depression, ability to lower high blood pressure, sleep aid, mood enhancer, increased memory function, stimulates collagen production, firms tissues, reduces acne and so much more.

o CBD Peppermint Rosemary or Lavender Rosemary: $35

o Back Scrub: $15

    o Back exfoliation with sea salt or sugar scrub.

o Reflexology Sampler: $20

o Marine Salt Scrub with Marine Cooling Mask for tired dry feet. $35 

o Scalp Massage:    no oil $10      with oil $15

o Wild Lime Scalp Ritual: $20

   o Hypnotic scalp and shoulder massage

o Hand Scrub: $10             Foot Scrub: $15                 

   o Relaxing exfoliation, hot towel, and massage

o Clear My Head Sinus Treatment: $15

   o Aromatic eucalyptus pressure point massage for sinus relief

o Clear My Headache Treatment: $15

   o Peppermint and lavender migraine eliminator

o Facial Massage: $15

   o choice of apricot oil or coconut oil (hydrating)

o Deep Tissue Upgrade: $50

o Pre-Natal: $50 with a Dr. Note (required by law, past 1st trimester)

Body Treatments by Eminence

Eminence Blueberry Soy Sugar Scrub:              $125 - 60 min.

     o A sugar scrub combined with the antioxidant healing power of blueberry scrub, to leave you feeling refreshed and your skin feeling smooth.  Skin appears left soft and supple. Moisture levels are improve. Skin appears healthier. 

Brown Sugar Body Exfoliation:             $100 - 60 min.

     o Soothing Touch luxurious Brown Sugar Scrub. Made with 100% Organic brown sugar, this scrub gently exfoliate old skin while locking in vital moisture to keep skin healthy and visibly radiant. Brown sugar contains AHAs, which help to even skin tone and allow for gentle exfoliation. The synergy of the Ayurvedic oils and brown sugar produces natural fatty acids, which lock in moisture, firm the skin, diminish the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and leave skin silky smooth.

Marine Detox Salt Scrub:            $35 (no additional time)/ Add-on to any facial or massage!

     o Marine Detox Salt scrub, This stimulating, cleansing mineral foot bath deodorizes, softens and provides aroma therapeutic benefits of natural eucalyptus and tea tree oil.   Includes cooling mineral clay foot masque contains hydrating sea extracts, spearmint oil and botanicals for soft , clean feeling feet.

Eminence Stone Crop Revitalizing Body Scrub with Stone Crop Restorative Body Wrap          $255 - 120 min.

     o Polish your skin with the hydrating qualities of sugar and the invigorating benefits of salt. This resurfacing exfoliant lathers into a creamy foam and is infused with comforting stone crop and antioxidant-rich lemon peel to brighten and smooth skin. Impart the benefits of our signature stone crop ingredient in a relaxing spa treatment. This restorative gel body wrap contains stone crop, aloe and powerful actives to hydrate, rejuvenate and brighten the look of skin from head to toe. Complete with Stone Crop Contouring Body Cream Reduce the appearance of cellulite with a luxurious contouring cream. The active ingredients in this naturally potent cream smooth and firm the skin. Use it as an all-over moisturizer or as a targeted treatment to tighten and tone where you need it most. 

Backcial:     $110 -  60 min.

  o Back or chest treatment is the perfect treatment for the problematic acne-prone skin on the back, shoulders, or chest. Service starts with a relaxing steam to open pores, then deep cleansing and gentle exfoliation is followed by extractions as needed. A rejuvenating and purifying mask is applied before finishing with a light moisturizer for restoration 

       Add an AHA peel for $55

      Add Microdermabrasion: $55

Body Wraps & Exfoliation by Eminence



Buff and polish your skin to perfection with Eminence Organics body scrubs. 

Natural sugar and salt crystals exfoliate gently, leaving skin feeling soft, smooth and radiant.

Eminence Cranberry Pomegranate Sugar Scrub:                $125 - 60 min.

   o Vitamin-rich cranberry and pomegranate enriches your skin’s appearance, while a raw sugar scrub exfoliates and buffs. 

          o Skin appears silky smooth and radiant           o Skin tone appears tightened and refined             o Skin appears nourished and healthy

Eminence Stone Crop Revitalizing Sugar Scrub:                 $125 - 60 min.

   o Polish your skin with the hydrating qualities of sugar and the invigorating benefits of salt. This resurfacing exfoliant lathers into a creamy foam and is infused                                             with comforting stone crop and antioxidant-rich lemon peel to brighten and smooth skin.

o Long lasting, luxurious exfoliation      o   Skin is hydrated and appears soft and supple        o The overall look of skin is improved 

Eminence Ultimate Exfoliation Blueberry Soy Sugar Scrub:        $125 - 60 min.       $65 - 30 min. (Back of the body only)

     o A sugar scrub combined with the antioxidant healing power of blueberry scrub, to leave you feeling refreshed and your skin feeling smooth.

IT’S A WRAP!            $125 - 60 min.

    o THE BODY CONTOUR CELLULITE SLIM IT WRAP JUST GOT BETTER! The ReFa device is designed to replicate the gentle pinching and kneading 

          sensation that an aesthetician performs in a treatment. These actions stimulate your skin and the muscles below and increase circulation. It is 

         platinum coated & the current carrying bearings within the rollers transfer microcurrent to your skin. Think Body biolift! Oh, and it's solar powered." 

         Combined with our body contour slim it cream let it conquer stubborn cellulite!

SudaTonic Body Contour Slim It Body Wrap (with take home product)  $135 - 60 min.

     o Direct far infrared heat, which promote detoxification, improve flow and circulation , boosting metabolism and helping with weight loss.

carbon fiber emit radiant rays which penetrating the inner regions of tissue and muscles helping with pain relief.

Besides heat our new system utilize 8 visible therapeutic red lights which accelerate healing by reducing inflammation and promote better circulation.

48 natural jade and tourmalines stones are inbuilt in the blanket for body and mind relaxing. Those natural stones emit much more negative ions when heated up. Those ions promote oxygenation to the brain and gently soothe the body, blocking more free radicals.

Body Contour Slim-It Body Wrap/Weight Loss and Cellulite Treatment:          $75 - 45 min.    $100 - 60 min.

    (This is a high temperature/intense heat body wrap) (Without ReFa)              

     o Visibly reduce cellulite while you contour, tone, and tighten skin. Featuring a dynamic blend of coffee and clinically proven microalgae extract, this naturally potent cream burns existing fat and limits fat storage. Strengthen and tone where you need it most.

A tip for better results:

Make sure you are hydrated (drink a glass of water before you start the treatment).

No alcohol the night before the treatment.

Female & Male Waxing

Berodin Wax...The Only Wax Used by Premier Spas

Hair growth must be a minimum of ¼ inches and a maximum of ½ inches long to receive waxing services. Please either allow time for sufficient hair growth or trim the area to the proper length before your scheduling your appointment.

We regret that waxing services cannot be performed on clients using Retin-A or Accutane, or any antibiotics, due to sensitivity of the skin caused by these medications. A 24 hour period is recommended before and after waxing for sun or tanning booth exposure, as your skin may still be experiencing sensitivities.

BERODIN Brazilian Wax: $85 & up 

          (All pubic hair from front to back will be removed)

Brazilkini Landing Strip (front to back): $70

Bikini Wax: $50 

     (Pubic hair that would extend beyond what you see when you wear bikini bottoms will be removed).

Buttocks : $65 or $100 for dermaplanning the buttocks.
Full Leg: $80 (trimming if hair is more than I/4-inch long is $25 and up).
1/2 Leg: $40
Full Arm: $50
1/2 Arm: $40
Back or Chest: $65

Stomach (Female): $15

Stomach (male): $30

Half Back: $30

Shoulders: $40

Full Face: $50   chin, lip & full face (does not include brows or neck)

Lip: $15

Eyebrow: $30 (with shaping)

Chin Wax: $15

Neck Wax: $20

Underarms: $35